Mary Johnston Update

After a difficult night of fighting fevers and then being treated for some kind of infection, the doctors told Mary on Thursday afternoon that she has a type of Leukemia that responds well to chemo.  Of course with hers being so far along, that poses some issues.  Her chemo treatments have been put off as she waited for these test results and because of the fevers, and need for blood transfusions.  This news from the doctor is good news and has lifted Bob and Mary’s spirits.  They decided on attempting to start the chemo on Friday.

Thursday night was another hard night for her, with temperatures reaching 104 degrees and receiving more blood.  She is exhausted, but they are starting the chemo today.  At around 12 pm, CST they were getting Mary hooked up as I spoke on the phone with Bob.  They were deeply moved when I communicated that christians were going to be fasting for Mary while she struggles through this treatment.  I hope those that know and love the Johnstons, and even those that don’t, but love missionaries would fervently pray for them.  I am praying that it is God’s will for her to win this battle…the people of Haiti and the Dominican need her…Bob needs her…we all do.