November is coming…please help?

As I was getting ready to take the kids to school this morning and was watching our President’s press conference, I was quickly reminded how much I despise politics.  I know that it is a necessary evil, but feel it is more evil than necessary lately.   I am tired of the lies, lies, and more lies.  I hope that conservative Christians will get out and vote their values this November.  My only solace is that God is in control and that all authority comes from Him.  I don’t know what God’s purpose in all of this is, but I do know that it is working patience within me…

Hurting People, Hurt People

I can’t remember whose quote this is, but it has resonated with me a lot lately.  One of the greatest things I have learned in ministry and in my life as a Christian is that I need to forgive.  I won’t take the time to list the multitude of Scriptures pertaining to forgiveness, but will say that it is a foundational truth in the Word of God.  I have hurt a lot of people in my day and have been hurt many times myself.  I have asked for forgiveness and I have forgiven.  But as much as we feel that forgiveness abdicates the offender what they have done, I have realized that when I forgive it is a help to me…forgiveness gives me peace and clarity.

When I am hurting, whether it is because I have been hurt by someone or because I have sin in my life, I tend to lash out.  Though inexcusable, it is completely natural.  It is this natural man that we all struggle with everyday.  When we born again as Christians, God made us a new creature in Christ, and we are to reckon ourselves dead to sin and walk in newness of life.  So we put our flesh under subjection and we walk in the spirit as to not fulfill its lusts.  It is a battle that wars in our members every day of our life.  I pray everyday that I can forgive, like Christ has forgiven me…

Mark Twain said, “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”  I like that…Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me!  I am so thankful for the grace and mercy of God…Let us all make a conscious decision to not hurt…when we have been hurt.

Prayer Revival

As I was praying this morning, I reflected upon the sad fact that most people don’t pray as much and effectively as they should.  Not only are the needs in people’s lives more pressing it seems, but our walks with the Lord are adversely effected when we don’t pray.  I am excited about our upcoming Prayer Revival with Bro. Benny Beckum…my prayer is that Berean Baptist Church will endeavor to pray like they have never prayed before.  As a result of that, I believe we will see God do great and wonderful things in our lives personally and in our church collectively.  How much time do you really spend on your knees?

New Mexico Mission Trip

We had a wonderful time with Bro. Don Chitty and the people of Open Bible Baptist Church in Waterflow, NM.  Bro. Chitty has been serving the Navajo people for nearly 40 years and has a vibrant, growing ministry.  We went to work on the reservation with them last year and fell in love with the place and decided to take another group this year.  We loaded up the vans and took 19 people in all down to work on the preach, do a Christian School staff training, work on the ranch, and prepare their properties for the start of the school year.  We had an awesome week and I am so proud of our young people and adults that went.  They all worked hard and were a blessing to both their pastor and OBBC.  We look forward to returning next year to make another investment in the lives of those dear people.

I Love My Church

It was good to be back in the pulpit at Berean Baptist Church yesterday.  I was excited to see all of my church family but can’t help but think how much I want summer to be over so that everyone can be more faithful to church.  We had several visitors in the morning and evening services with one baptism.  I preached in the morning out of John 19 on “Jesus: The Uplifted Savior”, but was a little “weepy” in that I didn’t sleep at all the night before…sorry everyone.  In the evening Bro. Tom Omli and I gave testimonies about our recent trip to the Philippines and I showed a video of all that we did while there.  There was a great spirit over all throughout the entire day and I am so thankful to the Lord for what He is and has been doing at our church.  Come, visit, and see for yourself…

There’s No Place Like Home

Landed in Seattle at 7:15 pm last night and after a little bit of a wait in customs we were on our way home.  It is good to see my family again and we had a fun time looking at all of the pictures and talking about all that happened in the Philippines.  It wasn’t long and the kids were off to bed, I unpacked and cleaned up and then I slept until 1:30pm on Saturday…I was exhausted!  Gotta hit the ground running today though…some people with some serious health problems to attend to and preparations for our services tomorrow.  I really enjoyed my time in the Philippines…but there is no place like home.

Musing in Taipai

On my way home to the Northwest from Manila with an eight hour layover in Taipai.  Praising the Lord that they have a transit hotel inside of the terminal so we got to rest, clean up, and get some dinner.  With all of this time to sit and think, I can’t help but consider how blessed I am.  I have the world’s best wife and three wonderful kids…a blessed ministry with awesome people who love and support me in all that I do…lots of friends and only a few enemies (hehe), and I get to serve the Lord everyday with my life.  How can it get any better than that?

I am looking forward to getting home to my family and church, I miss them all very much.  I will be back through the weekend and all of our services through Wednesday, then we will be taking a group down to Waterflow, NM to work on the Navajo Reservation with Bro. Don Chitty and his church.  We are praying that the Lord will bless as we serve Him and that all that go will grow closer to Him and to each other.  Please pray that there will be fruit that remains both in the Philippines and in New Mexico…

Last morning in Baguio

I have enjoyed my time at the Mountain View Bible Baptist Seminary alumni camp very much.  The Filipino people are a very hospitable people and they enjoy the preaching of God’s Word.  Every morning session and every evening services has been blessed with scores of preachers and students praying at the altars and making decisions for Christ.  As was the case the last time I came to the Philippines, I wanted to come to be a blessing to these people and to invest in there lives in some way.  But the people here have been more of a blessing and encouragement to my heart.  It is very convicting to see the devotion they have to the Lord and their local churches.  They serve God selflessly and put us American Christians to shame on many levels.  I will pray for them that the decisions that they have made this week will last and that they will strive to “Know Him” better every day.  That they will make their relationship with Christ the main priority of their lives and that the Love of Christ will constrain them to serve Him and others…

Baguio Camp

I have been enjoying every minute that I have got to spend with the alumni from Mountain View Bible Baptist Seminary.  I am grateful for the testimony that the church and the Quinlans have had in the Philippines all of these years.  There has been so much done for the Lord these past 53 years.  The services at the camp have been a blast and the Filipinos really enjoy church and preaching.  It seems to disappoint them that I don’t just go on and on and preach for hours…it would be nice if the people in the States felt the same from time to time.  Will be preaching twice tomorrow and then once the next morning, then will be heading back to Manila to catch a flight home.  I look forward to seeing my family and getting some much needed rest.

Bible Baptist Mission

While here in the Philippines, I had the privilege of preaching at the Bible Baptist Mission in Calibutbut, Bacolor.  Pastor Duenas has been faithfully serving the Lord for many years and their mission church recently purchased the property we visited.  We had a great time with them that night and God blessed despite a dog that was howling the whole time.  The spirit was great, the people attentive,, and the altars full as nearly everyone in attendance came forward. We gave them some money to tear down a brick wall in front of the property and add an iron gate so that people can see that they are there.  I look forward to hearing how God will bless this church and their pastor.

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