• find balance with

    Family Focus

    In the day to day rush of work and life, we often lose sight of what is most important. At BBC, we help put the focus back where it belongs
    by creating opportunities for the whole family to grow together in Christ.

  • encounter grace through

    Compassionate Ministry

    Whether it's through a Sunday School class, youth activity, couple's retreat, or community outreach, we want to continue the ministry of Christ, a ministry defined by its compassion.

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  • discover hope through

    Traditional Values

    Biblical preaching, Christ-honoring music, strong families, these are
    some of the values that you will find honored at Berean Baptist Church.

  • Grow in Christ by

    Bible Preaching

    The Bible is our guide, a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.
    That's why you can expect the Bible to be the source and the substance
    of everything that is taught at Berean Baptist Church.

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  • worship God through

    Conservative Music

    At Berean Baptist Church, we believe the kind of worship that
    honors God is given in spirit and in truth. That is why we use traditional,
    Scripture-rich hymns and songs in all of our services.

Berean Baptist is a Bible based, family focused, Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA. We honor traditional values, uphold the Word of God, and endeavor to live out the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Our Ministries

Whether it is an Adult Bible Class, children's program, teen activity, nursery, or outreach event, there is something for everyone at Berean Baptist Church. This Sunday, we hope you will get here, get involved, and get blessed!

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Bible Classes

Adult Bible classes provide a great opportunity to meet people in your same life-stage, enjoy positive Christian fellowship, and be challenged to grow in your faith.

Youth Group

Teens on Target provides a fun, supportive environment for teens to grow in grace, develop friendships, and learn to live for Jesus in the 21st century.


At Berean Baptist, we work together with parents to help nurture a heart for God in the lives of children through our exciting Sunday School classes and Master Club.


Door to door evangelism, discipleship classes, Bible studies, and bus routes are just some of the ways that we endeavor to bring the Gospel to our community.

Knowing Jesus

the answer to life's most important question


Sermon Audio

Sermon Audio

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Contact Us

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Pastor's Blog

Pastor's Blog

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Master Clubs

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